My parents emigrated to the UK in the late 60s, I came to join them later in 1960. Like a lot of Afro-Caribbean kids, when they went to England I was left in the care of my Gran Aunt and Uncle.

My Aunt and Uncle were market traders and farmers, and on their land, we grew cashews, oranges, carrots, peanuts, bananas, ginger, mango, sorrel, cinnamon, nutmeg, limes… the list goes on!

I remember Thursday nights were special because my Aunt and family members would gather, preparing fresh fruit and beverages with the ingredients we grew and could forage from the land around us. When I was around 8, I started to get involved and make my own drinks, and the rest is history.

The drinks I create capture the memories of my childhood, growing up in Jamaica and I’ve been sharing that experience with my friends and family ever since, and now you.